MobileTechCon 2012

Oct 9, 2012 2 min read

From 3. to 6. September, the 2012 edition of MobileTechCon took place, this time in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. And just like the last couple of years, I went to give a talk about something Web/JavaScript/Mobile/etc. related. But this year was a little different: Instead of giving a talk all by myself, I teamed up with Sebastian Fastner (@fastner) and we went on stage to talk about the Unify JavaScript framework.


In case you never heard about it, UnifyJS is a framework for building rich internet applications for both desktop and mobile devices. A while back, I wrote a little post about it and you can learn more about the framework at the UnifyJS website or by visiting the project’s GitHub page.

The first 20 minutes of our talk, I gave a quick overview of how the framework came into existance, how it evolved and what the key concepts are. Additionally, I showed a couple of projects that already use UnifyJS to build web applications. After that, Sebastian took over and did a little live coding session, were he demonstrated how to create a simple Flickr client that shows a list of images after entering some search term.

The slides for our talk are available in the download section as well as on Speaker Deck and SlideShare.

MobileTechCon 2012

The last years that I went to MobileTechCon, I usually stayed for the whole two days of the conference. This time, I was only there for a couple of hours and did not talk to that many people. Personally, I think the location was, well, subpar. The widely scattered session rooms and the small, but crammed, main hall did not create a very appealing setting. But apart from that, everything was as good as ever. So see you next year (I guess).