A fresh start

Sep 27, 2021 2 min read
(Updated on: Jan 23, 2023 )

Introducing my personal blog

It’s been quite a while since I read this tweet:

If you feel like you’ve learned something in the past few years I deeply recommend starting a blog, if only to catalog your thoughts.

Dan  ( @dan_abramov ) written on  December 30, 2018

I found this advice excellent: If not for others, than at least for yourself, create a place where you document your learnings and the things that fascinate you. Well, here we are, almost three years later and I finally got the time and created a new website/blog. At least v0.1.0 of it, there is still plenty to do, but it’s good enough for publishing simple blog posts for now.

To make things interesting, I used this opportunity to finally jump on the SSG (Static Site Generation) hype train: Instead of a server-side monolith like Wordpress, I used Next.js to create this website.

Update 1: Shortly after I wrote the first version of this website with Next.JS, I came across Astro and I completely like the idea of shipping the least amount of JavaScript while being JavaScript framework agnostic. So I did what I had to do: I rewrote almost the whole site from scratch using Astro.

What you will find here is, probably, mostly about programming, software development, software engineering or however you want to call it. Of course I have other hobbies, too, so from time to time, there might be other things in here.

So, off to new adventures in programming - and life.